THE LIFE !!!!!

Few hours of journey in the Chennai city traffic triggered my mind and raised so many questions and here they go. World seems to be busy. Huge number of vehicles- buses, cars, autos, two-wheelers and cycles flooded with people. Everyone is heading towards unknown journey. My very first question raised here with, what is life? Is it started when we were born? If that is the case, we started our life with the education which is approx 20 years of life time (which is of no use). Next, our goal is to get a JOB, MARRIAGE and CHILDREN there the ‘life’ ends and rest of our life we are dedicating to grow them and the whole world does the same and the difference is each person has a different life style and status. Think!!! Millions of years we are doing the same and our parents are doing to us and the same thing we are going to follow. Nothing seems to be interesting and none gives pleasure.

Are we machines doing the routine cycle??? Is this the ultimate purpose of life??? Are we all born for the same?????

P.S : Thank you for reading it patiently.


Dog – The god of Frolic

I had an amazing incident a month back. 

One fine afternoon, as usual I was engrossed in my laptop .Suddenly, I heard a weird sound some where near me.I was shocked because it came from upstairs and that too from a door that nobody uses but my family. I got up and opened the door. To my suprise, it was our dog (Actually, a Street dog to which we feed biscuits daily) and he gave an unusual sound. I realized it was a call to us.I asked him, “How did you come up?” and to come down with me. He understood and obeyed me. First, I kept water and asked him to drink; he did what I said.Next, I placed biscuits for him to eat and again he obeyed. After finishing, he raised his head and looked at me. Then, I opened the door and he marched away silently.

I  have never had an experience with dogs before. It was really surprising to me. After that little incident whenever I go out,  he walks by my side for a few distance; wagging his tail. Ah, it’s really nice to walk in the street with a dog by your side. 431856_553764864674043_1083385460_n

As the saying goes, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” – Josh Billings 

The other side of the world!

One of my childhood incidents (probably III standard) that touched me and still green in my memory. 

On a Sunday evening we decided to go to beach and spend our weekend. As usual I had a great time with my dad and brother, standing in the water and playing cricket with them. Later we decided to buy Marina’s famous hot bajjis. I took one piece and said it’s enough for me. Dad told me not to waste and take it home. While returning, we were waiting in a signal and I was gazing at the vehicles nearer to me. Suddenly, my eyes fell on a poor boy of my age who was standing alone and there was a tinge of hunger and sadness on his face. Even my dad noticed and called him and asked me to give those bajjis to him. I could not express his happiness on his face when he was getting it from me and he ran to the other side of the road and disappeared from my site. Signal changed to green and we moved. Still I can’t forget his face and he was the one made me realize the other side of the world. What I gave him was nothing to me but the same thing was precious to him. Why this discrimination when we all are children of god? Is it his mistake be born in a poor family? With all those questions on my mind I reached home.The following night I was thinking about his parents and his home for a long time before I fell asleep.